Liverpool is at the centre of the UK’s second largest regional economy with access to six million customers, an economy worth more than £121 billion and 252,000 businesses.

The city is strongly connected to global markets, with many multinationals already major investors in a business friendly and cost-competitive environment.

Given UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2004, primarily for its stunning historical waterfront (including Albert Dock and the Pier Head with its Three Graces), Liverpool’s architecture and place in history is recognised as being as important globally as the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids.   European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool has more museums and galleries than any UK city outside London and is cutting edge enough to have kept the biggest piece of Banksy’s graffiti art in Britain.


Why Invest

City Population Over Half Million
235,700 City workers
Over 62,000 Students in 4 Universities
49,000 Workers in Jaguar, Land Rover

Over 2,500 Major Company, Provide 47,000 Jobs
Business startup rate increased 50% in 5 years ( Liverpool City Council)
102.9% economic growth over decade ( Liverpool City Council)
5 year high in the number of businesses ( Liverpool City Council)

£10 billion Mersey Waters project
47% earning growth in the City
42% earning growth over decade, above Great Britain average ( Liverpool City Council)
£7.82 billion major scheme completed in 2015 ( Mayor of Liverpool)

Liverpool named number 3 in top cities in world to visit in 2014 (Travel bible Rough Guides)
Rank 8th UK Best Buy to Let City (HSBC)
Ranked 3 of Best Gross Rental Return (Zoopla)
Property Price up 6.1% in 2015 ( Land Registry)


  • Tannery,Liverpool
    • Northern Edge of Liverpool City Centre
      Price starts from £85,500
      6% assured rental income

  • The View, Liverpool
    • L1 Postcode
      Price start from £ 85,000
      7% assured rental income

  • Tobacco Wharf, Liverpool
    • Excellent transportation links
      Price starts from £85,995
      Immediate 7% Guarantee income